Two Fourteen

Lydia Waybright
1 min readFeb 15, 2023

A poem for Valentine’s Day, in free verse

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

I want only to love
I want to love my Self.
I want to love the sky.
I want to love the man on the moon.
I want to love the rain and the thunder
and the song on the radio.
I want to love the familiar sounds —
of cars and birds and chatter.
I want to love people
so much that it hurts,
so much that it’s dangerous.
I want to love hearing babies cry.
I want to love that the sun
can’t help but rise
every morning and the stars
can’t help but return
every night.
I want to love the ground beneath my feet
and the places I am headed.
I want to exhale love.
I want to be wide open —
ever ready to embrace this wild life.
I want love to break me apart
and then, love to mend me.
When all is done,
let love be my legacy.



Lydia Waybright

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